is the website of a mysterious and reclusive man who goes by the name “Forest Star Walz”
» The Inspiralizer™ «
An endless journey into kaleidoscopic polygon-o-phonic use-only-as-directed random seeds of insanity which can take root inside you, and melt your brain if you let them.
No, seriously, this is a disclaimer. I'm not responsible if your brain melts. This software was created using knowledge I gained originally around ages 10-13, programming in BASIC on Atari, then Apple, then PC. But, I kept working with it over the years, and now it is imbued with the essence of my twisted soul. It has been rumored to open up demonic gateways, and is a possible seizure risk. Be warned! This program nowadays uses jQuery, jQuery UI, and the HTML5 canvas tag. (This is the first version, but version 2.0 is in the works! I'm still ironing out the new automatic mode to bring you the best possible visuals, and need to add the ability to share your Inspiralizer creations on facebook & other services.)
Vocalist / Songwriter
Forest Star Walz
I'm a lead vocalist and songwriter. I write rhythm guitar parts, can play lead guitar, I'm an electronic musician, sequencing drums, instruments, loops, audio editing, 808/303 beats. Whatev's, G. Monkey

I have the unique history of writing over 100 songs with a convicted serial child molester, Jason Seth Albion O'Connell.
He's in prison now, for a long time. Of course, nobody who knew him had any clue. We went to high school together, had tons of friends in common. He was a great guitarist and songwriter. I know that's weird to say. I mean, I couldn't even listen to our songs for many years after finding out. But strangely, it is possible to be an evil-doer, and also write good songs. We only got about half of those 100 recorded, and with many, we were just trying to get it on tape quickly as we wrote a song. No money for equipment back then, borrowed 4-tracks, but we played for a lot of people in cafe's, bars, events, and open mics around Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA.

I did some other projects after that. Chameleon was myself on vocals and Matthew Trettin making the rhythms, who's an amazing bass player, guitar player, even Chapman Stick player, and just a very talented musician.

Matt and I also played together with Meredith DiMenna and other musicians in the short-lived "HerMen's Penthouse", who didn't record much, but we rocked some San Francisco clubs pretty good.

But, I haven't done any new music for many years. I've been told that my talent is going to waste a lot. I have a bunch of my own songs I've never recorded, but am about to now that I have some gear. So, anybody need a singer/songwriter?