“Facebook Tips” & “Facebook Safety” Display Scene of Lesbian Groping

transgenderFirst, let me say that I support lesbians in their pursuits. As a matter of fact, I love having sex with women too! So, we have a lot in common, and I totally get where you’re coming from. Maybe we can hang out and compare notes sometime. I usually get along great with most lesbians. Now, since we have that out of the way…

I have encountered something rather disturbing to many people’s sensibilities on a page on Facebook devoted to “Facebook Safety”. It originated on the “Facebook Tips” page, and it features a cartoon where a woman appears to be groping another woman’s breast as they both use Facebook on a mobile phone. As the audio plays, it tells you of how Facebook allows you to “take charge of people and things” – an authoritarian message if I’ve ever heard one.

The video is embedded at the very bottom of this post, and you can also view it here, unless my actions have done something unlikely and they actually made the choice to remove it.

But, my campaign is not to remove this video, but to illustrate to Facebook that offense takes many forms, and that they are not innocent in this regard. They are not the arbiters of what is and isn’t rude or inappropriate. By all normal conventions, this video they made is highly inappropriate for the context, as well as quite creepy.  You don’t sneak a boob-grope into a cartoon about safety.

I think Facebook’s message is clear:
Lesbians need more privacy controls so that they can grope each other without being harassed online, while they simultaneously engage in public acts of heavy-petting.

This is the immature behavior that our feminized victimhood culture has created.  Many in the LGBTQ community are mad that they have been excluded in various ways from society. A lot of this anger was directed at Facebook back in 2014.  But, in remedying their Public Relations nightmare with the whatever community, Facebook pandered to the most extreme LGBTQ elements. And now, it is their turn to exclude others in the same manner as they had been excluded from society’s loving embrace.

Keep in mind, I’m talking about the most radical elements of the RLGBTQ community. I’m not talking about all LGBTQ.  Among the most radical, it’s like many learned nothing from their experience of exclusion in society. LGBLT exclusion is also based on people who think about things differently than the mainstream forces who hold the seats of power.  History is filled with people getting executed for harboring heretical beliefs. In modern times, PCLGBTQ  is like the church authority. They are issuing the doctrines and edicts from on high.  And, now that PCLGBBQ is going mainstream, many feel emboldened and more eager than ever to exclude purveyors of “hate speech”, which is really just code for “unpopular opinions”.

Breast being groped
This image of one lesbian groping another is shown as the audio is telling you how Facebook allows you to “take charge of people and things”.

One question that comes up right away for many is that of why Facebook would choose to specifically feature a lesbian relationship when speaking about protecting privacy and safety. But, maybe they just pulled that out of a hat. We can speculate about their agenda, but it doesn’t really matter. I am not against lesbianism.

A much more important question is, why would they choose to emphasize that it is a lesbian relationship by prominently displaying a woman groping another woman’s breast?

Do they normally emphasize a straight relationship by displaying a man groping a woman’s breast? If they had, would that video be up for more than a few minutes?

The comedy and irony of their actions  should be obvious to anybody who is paying attention to what Facebook has done lately.

The growing hypocrisy at Facebook is pouring out into everything they do. Inside the company, employees are censoring their fellow employees on the public boards. One employee writes #BlackLivesMatter, and another employee erases it and writes #AllLivesMatter.  Zuckerberg runs a culture of censorship, and then gets mad when people censor things they don’t like or things that scare them.  The Emperor Zuckerberg has no clothes on, but everyone is telling him that he is wearing the newest finest clothes possible.

“We’ve never had rules around what people can write on our walls,” said Zuckerberg in the post. “We expect everybody to treat each other with respect.”

“There have been several recent instances of people crossing out ‘black lives matter’ and writing ‘all lives matter’ on the walls” Zuckerberg wrote. “Despite my clear communication at Q&A last week that this was unacceptable, and messages from several other leaders from across the company, this has happened again. I was already very disappointed by this disrespectful behavior before, but after my communication I now consider this malicious as well.”
Zuckerberg reprimands Facebook staff defacing ‘Black Lives Matter

To make matters worse, Zuckerborg is so out of touch with those in opposition to the #BlackLivesMatter  movement, he proceeded to invite everybody to a town hall to learn more about the goals of the movement. He thinks that if they learn more about the plight of black people, they will stop insisting that #AllLivesMatter.

But, anybody with a fully functioning brain realizes that racism cannot be eliminated using bias and division. Either all lives matter, or we might as well bring back segregation. And, many BlackLivesMatter rallies and student events have requested segregation!  They are acting like KKK members, in an age where they outnumber KKK members by many orders of magnitude. Keep in mind that the KKK is extremely small, and hasn’t advocated violence since the 50’s, or perhaps even before that. Even David Duke didn’t advocate for violence back when he was a member. For almost an entire lifetime now, the KKK has advocated for segregation, not violence.  But, BlackLivesMatter wants it all. I guess they must have been jealous of what the KKK had???  We are way past the days where it is acceptable behavior to advocate for separate safe spaces for black people. We might as well give up and go back to separate bathrooms and water fountains, and we’ll only interact at shady jazz clubs with “colored” entrances.

This is a serious topic, but opponents to BlackLivesMatter are treated as if they are the insensitive ones, and as if they aren’t serious enough about racism. But, they are deadly serious. Because this type of racial division causes death, of black people, of white people, and everybody else.

But, isn’t that always the ideology game?  If you don’t like someone’s ideology, just label them a racist or a sexist, and then claim that you care more about black/female/midget oppression than someone else does. This is especially true in politics.  They claim that their heart is bigger than other people’s, when actions are all that ever mattered. And, the BLM actions have been mostly heartless thus far.

Calling someone a racist or sexist is generally done to make the accuser feel better about themselves. This type of demonization psychology in a person makes them enjoy feeling morally superior. Once moral superiority is demonstrated by them, to themselves, in a mirror, there can be no more meaningful discussion with them. They are now the moral authority, and whatever compassion you display must be fake compassion. When you say “immigration reform”, you must mean “kill dirty Mexicans”. When you express worry about terrorism, you’re Islamophobic. You must not have a “real” concept of compassion. You’re not a “real” man or a “real woman” or a “real feminist” or a “real Scotsman”.  In their eyes, you couldn’t possibly love black people, and you must not love women, including your mother, and your sisters, and your wife and daughters. These ideologues lose all form of decency once they cross over the threshold into moral superiority.

That is what is happening now with BlackLivesMatter, and I’m talking about people of all races who support the movement. It attracts victimhood and lawlessness. Some of the white people involved in BlackLivesMatter are the worst voices in the movement. They are racist in that they think that having white people join the fight will help, because they think that white people must listen to other white people more than black people. They think that white people are aliens who don’t understand what it’s like to live in a ghetto, or be harassed because of their predicament. They think that they are the white saviors to the poor black race. Bernie Sanders is this type of white man. It is all such garbage, but they will keep saying it, and keep calling you a racist for insisting that all lives matter – no matter how much time and effort you spend trying to tell them that even though you’re white, you were adopted by a black family, grew up in Ethiopia, have a black wife, and you adopted 5 black kids.  Details don’t matter. Disagree on any point, and you are a racist.

Police of all races have a rough enough job as it is without black people being constantly told that police might just shoot them for no reason.  The truth is that a black police officer can shoot you for the same cause as a white officer, and they have, and they do.

But, the biggest over-arching truth that BLM refuses to face is the idea that black lives matter the least to black people.

The proportion of black-on-black crime is many times higher than other races in America.  It stands to reason that a black police officer is more likely to kill a black person than anybody else, just based on those stats alone. But, that’s only if you buy into the idea of breaking people down into numbers and ranking them like an analytical Vulcan.  People who don’t think this way can see the potential in everybody, and it isn’t on a slanted hopeless hill that some will never be able to escape from.  That hill they perceive is the hill to the abyss of hell, and it is a place inside of their minds which can manifest in their life, if they let their demons control them. Everybody has this weakness somewhere.

If you watch videos of some of the actions that BLM has taken, you can see that they are often instigators of vandalism, assault, and even full-fledged domestic terrorism. Some may say that is a harsh charge to make against them. But, just look at what they’ve done. They’ve blocked major highways, blocked bridges, blocked roads. These actions can cause major inconvenience, sure. But, they can also cause serious traffic congestion and stop emergency services, and things like that can lead to people dying. Also, someone might be travelling to see a sick relative, and they might be black. I fail to see how you are making black people on that highway feel like they matter.  There is footage of black women in their car, trying to get to work, completely confused about why black people would inconvenience everybody in this way, as if black people didn’t have enough challenges already.

Worse yet, often times the participants get what amounts to a slap on the wrist, legally speaking. I think you’ll see that this fiasco shown below warranted the charge of domestic terrorism. If the shoe fits, then we should call it domestic terrorism. The only reason it isn’t being called domestic terrorism is because of our society’s supremely flawed political correctness.  Here is just one example of a bridge closure, along with the FBI definition of domestic terrorism. There have been other incidents like this…

Black Lives Matter Protest Shuts Down Bay Area Bridge for 90 Minutes
Black Lives Matter Protest Shuts Down Bay Area Bridge for 90 Minutes
FBI – Domestic Terrorism Definition

So, what were the charges?

“All 25 protesters were booked into the San Francisco County Jail and charged with misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, creating a public nuisance, and obstructing free passage.”

This was a slap on the wrist, and an embarrassment to our system of justice and a sign of our nation’s decline into political correctness, and now political lunacy. Remember, this is a stated anti-police group intent on continuing to use displays of aggression to intimidate the electorate and the people into compliance. No matter how good a message is, I will never accept that form of protest. This is from the group’s press release. I made important words bold:

“For the second year in a row, the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP) put out a call for 96 Hours of Direct Action to reclaim Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s radical legacy and take a stand against anti-Black racism and terrorism. In a courageous display of solidarity and the spirit of MLK, Black.Seed, a Black, queer liberation collective, has shut down the Bay Bridge as a show of resistance to a system that continues to oppress Black, Queer, Brown, Indigenous and other marginalized people throughout the Bay Area.”

The bay area is one of the most welcoming places for minorities and LGBTQ that you can possibly find.  This movement is a hate group, and they attack their own citizenry, no matter how receptive the people in their area are to their movement. This action, and many other actions this BlackLivesMatter mob has taken, clearly show that Facebook prefers to stay in defense of an organization regularly conducting acts of domestic terrorism.

So, it is no wonder that Facebook’s employees don’t feel 100% safe with domestic terrorist hashtags all over their company board.

They probably don’t want the cause of domestic terrorism to be advanced in an office environment. But, Zuckerberg just presses on with his campaign of tyranny and fascism, unaware there is even a problem with what he’s endorsing for the future of his company, or the future of humanity.

Meanwhile… In the world outside of Facebook corporate, users are being banned from Facebook in massive waves. And, they are being banned for content they posted long ago that contains keywords that are considered hate speech, depending on context. They get back online for a day, and then are quickly banned again, for a longer duration. But, they didn’t use any of the banned words (which there is no list of), and they are being banned for things they said long ago, and when they get back on, they get banned again without recourse, and without a record of why they were banned.

It has become quite obvious now that they are reviewing content from the past to ban people.

Very soon all of those people deemed inappropriate in their speech will be permanently banned from Facebook. It just hasn’t happened yet because you have to go through a process, something like banned for 1 day, then 3 days, then 7 days, then like 30 days, then permanent ban. It is hard to say exactly though, because the history of what you are banned for is not preserved in any log, there is no evidence of the legitimacy of any ban, the policy is not clearly stated, and the user is not respected. You cannot have a ban lifted. You only see the phrase you were banned for once when you go to log in. On the other side, the person who reports you has a queue that they can review later on, and see the resolutions of any reporting. As always, Facebook likes to keep it slanted one way, so that they can never be held accountable to the public or the media for the bans that they undertake.

More notably, these bans also seem to center around some big election days, where votes are on the line. This is the time to strike if you don’t want people with unpopular opinions to have a voice which could change a voter’s mind. If you doubt me, there is much supporting evidence.  You just have to look for it. And, this isn’t an isolated phenomenon. Things are happening on Twitter as well.

They have brought new groups on board (ie. pandered to groups harassing them) which are often bigoted against straight people, white people, and masculinity, and who are often ideological zealots. They think they know what hate speech is. They think they know when someone is saying a phrase to hurt, and when someone is saying the same phrase to educate or be humorous. These censors are cut-throat authoritarians in an ideological infiltration of the system. And, they are hypocrites. Due to the nature of the recent bans, I believe we can be fairly certain that it is Facebook Network of Support (NOS) who is the main culprit in adjusting their policies, and perhaps even conducting the work of banning people based on their judgement of a person’s ideology.

Facebook Network of Support (NOS)
Facebook Network of Support (NOS)

They have done this all in the name of combating “hate speech”, a very loosely defined concept. They have extremely unjustified and subjective views on hate speech. The content reviewers  are trained in feminist ideology, in trans-phobic “hate speech”, in racial epithets. They are obviously not trained in discerning comedy or satire from threats or direct insults.  They make no distinction between historical reference and directed hate. In fact, it seems that they don’t look at whether the “hate speech” is “directed” at anybody whatsoever. If Huckleberry Finn says the word “nigger”, then it is taken off the shelves everywhere. Censorship is the new black.

They are treating normal posters the same as ISIS members making terrorist threats. They are banning some people for some words, and not banning other people for the same words.  What this ultimately means is that they are banning individual people for what they individually think. They are appraising people, like products, and determining whether their product branding is compatible with the Facebook brand. All of their behaviors as of late violate their own Facebook Community Standards, as far as I can tell.

Facebook Community Standards - Hate Speech
Facebook Community Standards – Hate Speech

I guarantee you that the majority of recent bans I’ve seen have not violated these standards whatsoever. They twist the meaning of “directly attacks” to mean that if they, the reviewer/censor,  were offended when they read it, then it is hate speech.  Everything is based on the offense taken by some group of people who they’ve decided need special padding on everything sharp. Otherwise, the public are just so stupid, they might hurt themselves.  If you are gay, and you were offended when someone was commenting about their “faggot” friend, and so you quote them in your comment, then you can get banned, simply because the censor was offended by your comment’s quote. And, without proper accountability, they are free to execute this fascist plan unchallenged. I have seen dozens of screenshots of these bans in recent days, from friends of mine. Now, they are disappearing more and more, because they are being banned for longer and longer.

In every case, the comment was either satire, or it was logically impossible for it to have been hate directed at any one group.  I have also seen very clear “quoted” items, where Facebook is banning them just for quoting someone else who was saying some form of hate speech. In one case, a father was defending his son and himself by quoting what had been said to them. Instead of reporting someone, he was trying to talk to them, quoting what they were saying, and responding to each point, you know – like an adult.  I’d venture a guess that in most of these cases, the original purveyor of the quoted hate speech was given a pass because of their ideology, and because of the fact that nobody ever reports the reporter.

You see, the person who is doing the hate speech is also the most likely person to abuse you using the reporting system.

Let me repeat that sentiment and principle in another way…

The people who are always focused on eradicating “hate speech” (ie. Facebook’s own censors) are the people in society who are most likely to abuse reporting methods, create fake accounts, or embed themselves in powerful organizations to become fascist censors of opposing ideologies.

Intellectual prudes focus on the impact of hate speech on people. Ideological fascist prudes focus on censorship, how it works, where they can get some of it, and how much power they can get over other people. And today, Facebook is an enormous culture of Victorian-era sensibilities. They are like a #HeForShe card house, just about to fall.  They have no moral foundation anymore.

I have been banned several times myself, and I am switching over to other social networks. Many people are doing the same, and many will continue to do the same, as their friends are banned from Facebook. In time, people will realize that most controversial new things come from people willing to push the bounds of language. And, most will realize at some point that they thrive on controversy. That is how we change, as a progressive society. Regressives limit speech and try to keep everything the same. Facebook seems to think that “descent” is the better than “dissent”.

Dissent is the engine of progress, but Facebook is carrying the regressive banner so proudly, and proclaiming that hence-forth, there shall be no challenging of ideas on Facebook, or progress towards understanding people with other viewpoints or challenges. Facebook is now highly regressive, and anything but liberal. They are capitalist authoritarian fascists of the highest order. They are opposed to the wrong ideas being shared, and in the quest for the dollar bill, they have lost their souls. Users are bought and paid for by high-powered clients who use Facebook to alter perceptions through limiting their media intake, just like every form of mass media has been corrupted since it’s inception.

I have used Facebook since 2008. In that time, I have posted thousands of things on controversial topics. I have seen people get reported and banned temporarily before.  I never held back on what I believed in saying, but I always took care in what I was saying to some degree. I always strive to enlighten people through dark comedy, and difficult truths. But, I never wish to directly offend. I am willing to talk through any issues, offer valid explanations of positions, and words I used. And, this approach prevented me from getting banned. Yep, in all of those 8 years of saying similar things, I had never been banned… 

It finally happened to me, right before Super Tuesday.

I was banned for a day. Back again for almost a day, then banned for 3 days. Back again for about a day, and now I’m banned for a week. It is clear that they are going to remove me, not matter what I do.  I am not going to be on Facebook anymore, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

Many feel that this ban-wave had everything to do with the timing of the big election days. My personal feeling is that they wanted to silence people posting about Donald Trump, because he is using their platform to gain momentum, which is against the interests of Facebook’s high ticket clients. I’m talking about the large industries that control not only Facebook’s direction, but try to control the political landscape. They check feeds for trends and things which could change the course of an election.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is showing that a grass-roots effort on social media can be more powerful than the biggest lobbyists and massive amounts of money. And, he throws it in their face nearly every day in subtle or direct ways. Trump has spent very little so far, but graphing the poll numbers shows that Trump has risen at an extremely high rate. This is only possible through viral media engagement. This approach scares Facebook. In fact, even the thought of it working scares them, because it threatens their bottom-line considerably.  If they can’t be bought, and their platform can be hijacked for someone else’s aims, then their biggest segments of profit could be ruined. So, that’s why it makes sense that they have mobilized every tool developed presumably for good purposes, and then re-purposed them specifically for authoritarian control and corruption, and all of it under a veil of secrecy that they designed.

Here are screenshots from my last two bans. I forgot to capture the first 1 day ban, but it was a similar kind of nonsense statement that obviously wasn’t an insult. These are comments I made a while ago, and hardly even remember making – because I wasn’t attacking anybody. They were posted in humorous threads, and completely in context.  You should be able to tell from the phrasing that they couldn’t have possibly been directed at a person or a group, and weren’t even hateful.

This one doesn’t disparage anybody, except I used the word “tranny”, which I have heard trans-men call themselves and each other from time to time.  The implication with this comment is that trans-men are usually stronger than girls… Because, it’s true.

Tranny fights are NOT like girl fights
Tranny fights are NOT like girl fights.

This next comment is clearly about how gay people who call themselves or others “faggot” are more accepting than those who wouldn’t. The irony here is that, since they banned me for that comment, they have proven the comment to be 100% true. Any way you look at it, I said a nice thing about faggots and bad thing about gays. The humor should be obvious, but it is not obvious to the humorless control-freaks at Facebook with devious agendas.

The faggot community is much more accepting than the gay community, in my experience.
The faggot community is much more accepting than the gay community, in my experience.

If I can go 8 years on Facebook without getting even a 1 day long ban, but am now facing a permanent ban, you can rest assured that their system is badly broken, and their culture.

I am not counting on being able to stay on Facebook after my latest week-long ban. It is assured that no matter what I do, they will ban me for comments made in the past as soon as I am back on.  The nasty thing is that I had already searched through my profile and removed content with those words. So, they could have an indexing ability that they don’t give me as just a user, in order to remove my supposed “hate speech” that I can’t even search for.   But, I really think I did find it all and remove it or make it private.  See, I think the posts were already copied into the ban system beforehand, and now they are just going through a huge queue of people they intend on removing from the system. It doesn’t matter what you’ve removed, or what you try to do. They know how long each ban will be, and when to hit a person’s account again to do the next level of ban, and they are doing it.

卐卐 Their “final solution” to the “hate speech” problem. 卐卐


It’s kind of like passing a three strikes and you’re out law in a state, and then going out of your way to give black people three strikes – because it was the plan to put them away permanently from the beginning. You know, because they are different and harder to control.  It is an evil way to run anything. And, you know who will be adversely affected by these bans?  People who live in urban settings who use slang terms that are deemed offensive will also be banned. In other words, many black people, Latinos, and poor populations in general must be getting being banned now as well.  I am seeing it happen with racially diverse people who I know. It is anecdotal evidence, sure. However, we don’t get to know the truth. That’s behind Facebook’s corporate wall of privacy. But, I hear anecdote after anecdote about people’s ban experiences. I am hearing about a lot happening now, and the justifications for the bans are pathetic. No responsible company would do this, and no competent manager would tolerate it. This type of thing requires a culture rife with corruption.

I’m sure that Zuckerberg will be satisfied at the end of the ban waves, when Facebook has a new, “cleaner” user base.

And, by cleaner, I mean “white”.  White zombie consumers have the most money with the least controversy. White women respond very well to advertisement, in between posting cat pictures and sharing Pinterest recipes. This demographic is of particular importance for Facebook, and they have grown to pander to more and more to female desires, fears, and pocketbooks.  Put simply, women control the majority of household spending. And, women tend to be more sensitive, and are less likely to spend time on a platform where there is free and open debate, which includes harsh criticism and offensive ideas. Typically, reports are made by people who cannot take criticism. They claim that being critical of ideas that they have is harassment or even “online violence”. They are snitches of the worst kind. They will set you up, they will make fake accounts to enrage you, trying to get you to say something that can get you banned. They especially attack people who have single legitimate accounts. Apparently, Facebook wants us to make lots of accounts. Why else would they ban us for trivial humor? It’s not like you can’t get back on Facebook. But, you can’t do it with the same account, and losing your friends list and data is the new form of punishment. But it isn’t really new. Basically, you just got voted off the island. Facebook just isn’t that into you. The new Facebook is a game of survival of the fittest most politically correct.

This trashy deception is reminiscent of the legal voting fraud that Ted Cruz blatantly engaged in with Ben Carson. Put simply, it was a setup, and although it affected a black person adversely, the real goal was more evil than simple racism. It was to win an election. Ted Cruz wanted Ben Carson’s votes to defeat Donald Trump, and so he stole votes from a black man at the bottom of the race using evil tactics, in order to beat a white man at the top of the race. And, it worked, and it isn’t even illegal, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. So yeah, that sounds just like Facebook’s political bans.

The goal of politics is, was, and always has been, absolute control of your psychology. They want to enslave you while keeping you in a box that tells you that you are free, so they can sell you things and ideas. They don’t give a damn about their users as people, and they don’t even give them any path to get out of this successive ban attack wave.  My next ban I get will be for 30 days I think, and then I’m gone for good on the next one after that. This was clearly a long-term plan and it is being executed on schedule, in the most evil social media queue ever devised. This is why the term “feminazi” was originally coined – because this type of authoritarian 1984-style control takes hold when any large company is indoctrinated into a system of authoritarian fascism feminism.

So, tell everybody! Soylent Green is people! Facebook eats people.

Facebook, Fascism Through Sexist Censorship
Facebook, Fascism Through Sexist Censorship

Facebook is an internet dinosaur, as far as online app fads go. It’s on it’s last legs through bad management and direction, and the sad thing is – they don’t even realize it. The ground is about to drop out from under them really fast. Many are jockeying for position in order to take their place, and grab all their users when they fall. Maybe they see the writing on the wall already, and these are the death throes of the dying beast that is Facebook.


In honor of International Women’s Day, we are launching a large-scale marketing campaign in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia,…

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